The Journey Begins

John I.M. Pattiwael, S.H., together with Jhony Mazmur William Manurung, S.H., founded John, Jhony and Partners (Attorneys at Law) on 9th September 2017, with the spirit to become a law firm that give legal assistance to clients with special characteristic. Having years of experience in serving as a public defender to give legal aid to the poor an marginalized segment of the society has shaped our law firm to give legal assistance that emphasize on access to justice for our clients/justice seeker.

Aside from the extensive experience as a public defender in giving legal aid, the founders also has an experience working in a law firm that handled commercial cases and cases that are matters of public concern.

Prioritizing pacific means, our firm offers case settlement with mediation and restorative justice perspective as an alternative dispute resolution for every cases wherever possible.

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